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Adaptive Fashion • Clothing for All

Welcome to Iver Fashion, where style meets inclusivity and resilience. Founded by Travis Iverson, a man with a remarkable tale of overcoming adversity, Iver Fashion is more than just a clothing brand – it's a symbol of perseverance and empowerment.

Our signature Red Cardinal Pin embodies the spirit of strength and solidarity, with proceeds dedicated to creating and donating accessible outfits for the wheelchair user community. With every purchase, you're not just embracing fashion; you're supporting a movement towards a more inclusive world. Join us in redefining style, one outfit at a time.

  • Healthy Pets HQ

    "We're absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of the "Never Give UP" Cardinal Pin, a stunning accessory designed and mouth-drawn by Travis of Iver Fashion! These gorgeous pins are now available for purchase at our store, and we couldn't be happier to share them with you."

  • Carolyne Dufresne

    "Picked up my pins while out with my crew earlier this evening... they look great, good size, good quality... kids were pretty much blown away when I explained to them how you explained that you drew this with your mouth, heh... truly enjoy following the advocacy work that you do (I also tell nursing students about your work through one of the chronic health seminars I currently supervise, with the help of the several news articles available about ya hehe)... can't wait for someone to ask me about my cardinal pin ...success to your future endeavors and regards"

  • Tom D'Amico - Director of Education

    "The Never Give Up, mouth drawn lapel pins, represent Hope and an amazing story of Travis Iverson, turning adversity into opportunity and a wonderful example of helping others during their time of need. The Ottawa Catholic School Board is pleased to support this work"

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The Inspiring Story of Travis Iverson: Empowering the Wheelchair Community

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